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UNAIDS 90-90-90-0 Initiative


If you attended RED Brunch you heard all about the City of Phoenix's new status as a UNAIDS Fast Track City.  This City resolution, championed by Mayor Greg Stanton, establishes benchmarks for HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and stigma elimination. Aunt Rita's Foundation is a proud partner in the broad community collaborative formed to help achieve the goals of this initiative.


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RED Brunch - A World AIDS Day Event 2016

Our yearly RED Brunch will soon be here and this is the time when we gather together to honor those who we have lost to AIDS and celebrate those who are HIV positive and thriving and surviving. We also take time to celebrate our successes throughout the year and honor our 16 member agencies who are vigilant in their work to assist those with HIV/AIDS and work to prevent the disease.




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World AIDS Day 2016 Events

Aunt Rita’s Foundation is sponsoring 15 sections of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, which consist of 8 panels each that are 3’x6’ in size. This represents a minimum of 120 lives honored by the panels that will be displayed that day, many from Arizona. The panels will be available for viewing from November 29th to December 8th, excluding December 2nd and 3rd, at The Parsons Center for Wellness, 1101 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix. They will also be on-site at the RED Brunch at the Phoenix downtown Sheraton.


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On PrEP - An indication of your sexual behavior?

Many articles have been written about PrEP since it became available in 2012, and many of those articles have promoted the use of PrEP and many others have criticized the use of it, branding the users as “sluts”.   

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National Transgender HIV Testing Day

Monday is first National Transgender HIV Testing Day.  It is extremely important that we get our transgender community tested on a regular basis.  Check out my interview with Millye Carter Bloodworth.

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Is the cure for HIV and AIDS just around the corner?


Last week, there were a number of articles reporting that a cure for HIV and AIDS could be as close as three years away.     Researchers at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University have found a way to use genetic code to "snip" the HIV virus out of the blood.  According to Nature World News, the protein Cas9, has been modified in order to recognize HIV's genetic code that inserts itself in the cells. Blood will be drawn from the infected person and then once the modified protein recognizes the HIV virus, an enzyme will be released "snipping" away the virus.  The Telegraph states that scientists believe that replacing just 20 per cent of immune cells with the genetically altered cells would be enough to cure the disease.  It is critical to understand that even though  the "cure" could be here in three years, it could be many years before it would be available to all U.S. citizens living with HIV and AIDS.  POZ magazine states that "There are three clinical trial phases required before a medical treatment can qualify for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Each successive phase of this process entails a larger population of participants, a longer study period and greater overall complexity. The entire process typically takes many years."  

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December 1st World AIDS Day Events


On December 1st, people throughout the world observe World AIDS Day, an opportunity for the global community to honor those living with HIV; the families, friends, caregivers, and communities who support them; and those who have lost their lives to AIDS. Worldwide, nearly 35 million people have died from AIDS since 1981, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in history. To honor those lost to the disease, Aunt Rita’s Foundation and COX Media bring in 15 sections of the AIDS Memorial Quilt developed by the NAMES Project Foundation. The display consists of 8 panels in each section, 3’x6’ in size and they represent a minimum of 120 lives honored by the panels, as some panels have a group of names, many who are from Arizona.

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RED Brunch. Aunt Rita’s invites community to annual World AIDS Day observance

aunt_ritas_red_brunch_2013_panels_public_view.jpgEach year, on the first day of December, people around the world gather in prayer, unite at vigils to pay respect to those living with HIV/AIDS and to commemorate the 30 million individuals who have died from the disease since 1981.

To honor World AIDS Day here in the Valley, Aunt Rita’s Foundation will host its annual RED Brunch Dec. 5 at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale. More

Phoenix Man Opens Up About Living With HIV/AIDS

kit_channel_12_charlie_sheen_111715.jpgKit Kloeckl remembers the day well, too well. Sick for a few days he went to the doctor. He would end up in the hospital, barely alive.

Kloeckl was diagnosed with pneumonia but that wasn’t all. While at the hospital he was tested for HIV and the test came back positive. “When you are told you have HIV, your world is turned upside down,” he said. More

Advocate hopes Charlie Sheen puts spotlight back on HIV

aids_walk_az_kit_kloeckl_exec_director_aunt_ritas_foundation.jpgIt was 1991 when Magic Johnson brought HIV into the public consciousness in America. Now, 24 years later, Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has stated he too is HIV-positive. More